PromeTMW6800: washable SLA/DLP resin

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Prome W6800 is a high-quality eco-friendly resin that does not require alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean, reducing cost and making earth green. On the other hand, W6800 has better skin contacting property, making skin less irritating. W6800 is one of the better photopolymer resin that protects your health better.

Applications: Prototyping of toys, art crafts or in the education field

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile Strength(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 27
  • Elastic Modulus(MPa)
    (ASTMD638) 500
  • Elongation at Break(%)
    (ASTMD638) 12
  • Bending Strength(MPa)
    (ASTMD790) 40
  • Flexural Modulus(MPa)
    (ASTMD790) 650
  • Notched Impact(J/m)
    (ASTMD256) 22
  • Shore Hardness
    (ASTMD2240) 80D
  • Deformation Temperature(℃)
    (ASTMD648) 56


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