PromeTME6230: high-strength SLA/DLP resin

Prome Resin

Here we provider those 3D Printer Photopolymer Resin related to your 3d printing. Those interesting products innovated by our team will give you a hand to gain better 3d printing experience.


Prome E6230 is a type of high-strength resin with excellent surface hardness and incomparable scratch-resistance. It prints in high calibration and accuracy sizes.

Parts in an industrial grade such as electronic shells, abrasion proof parts, electrical parts.

Technical Specifications

  • Tensile Strength(MPa)
    ASTMD638 64
  • Elastic Modulus(MPa)
    ASTMD638 1060
  • Elongation at Break(%)
    ASTMD638 8
  • Bending Strength(MPa)
    ASTMD790 55
  • Flexural Modulus(MPa)
    ASTMD790 1850
  • Notched Impact(J/m)
    ASTMD256 20
  • Shore Harness
    ASTMD2240 90D
  • Deformation Temperature(℃)
    ASTMD648 60
  • Best printing surrounding: 20-25℃,RH≤ 50%


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