PETG K5-shade: light shielding PETG


Basic line is the most affordable but guaranteed quality filaments. It is also most popular and wide applicable range 3d printing materials. As our excellent process-control and large-scale manufacturing you are able to benefit by this most easy use but economy filaments in large amount printing

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From one of the PETG K5 Series, PETG K5-Shade specializes in blocking light that penetrates through the filament. It has all the awesome properties of basic PETG — such as flexible and easy to print. PETGk5-shade material is able to have a great blockage of light that with only 0.8mm thickness, visible light will be completely blocked. It enables the PETG K5-shade to become the best choice for glowing billboard and light fixture.

PETG K5-Shade specializes in products that require light blockage and shades; works perfectly for printing glowing billboards and light fixtures that require a backlight.

Technical Specifications


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